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A la Carte Information

A la Carte Information

Hummus Bento Box
A la carte foods are any items offered by our program that students can purchase in addition to their free meal. Examples of these items include beverages other than milk and seconds on entrees. 

If a student chooses not to take a fruit or a vegetable as a part of their meal, then that "meal" does not qualify as a full meal under the USDA guidelines that govern our program and is no longer eligible to be served for free. In this case the "meal" becomes a la carte, and any items taken will be charged to the student at a la carte prices. 

Please click on the "A la Carte Price List" link for full details on the a la carte items we offer. 

Student accounts can be set to restrict or prevent them from making a la carte purchases. Please click on the "Contact Us" link and contact your food service director if you would like to learn more.
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